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Hangzhou Hamaton Tyre Valves Co. Ltd Attended the SEMA show

From Nov.3ed -8th, 2013 SEMA Show was solemnly held at the Las Vegas Convention center. The group from Hangzhou Hamaton led by their president Zhang Jianer took part in this show. SEMA SHOW is the world's most famous modified cars and modification parts exhibition, also it is one of the world's largest automotive aftermarket trade fair .


Hamaton exhibited its best-selling products including tyre valves, tyre gauges,accessory tools and so on. A number of old and fresh customers showed their appreciation to these products. In addition, Hamaton also launched its TPMS products which attracted numerous customers come to visit. The whole product line became a highlight of the exhibition hall, which also shows the research and development ability of Hamaton.

This exhibition greatly popularized the Hamaton’s brand. A large number of new clients showed a strong willingness for cooperation. Meanwhile, the popularity and reputation Hamaton enjoyed in the North American market help to strengthen the surety of the customers, which received a good exhibition effect. The exhibition is bound to keep the company a good growth in the North American market, and layed a good foundation for Hamaton exploring other markets.