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Hamaton Participate AAPEX 2013 in Las Vegas

AAPEX, the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo, opened their annual trade show floors at the Sands Expo Center on Tuesday, Nov. 5. The AAPEX is in Las Vegas for the 21st straight year, and about 140,000 people are attending the shows dedicated to car replacement products and customized add-ons through Thursday. Hamaton is one of the attendees that have participated the AAPEX for more than 10 years.
This year Hamaton has much important mission, not only promoting the traditional product but also the officially launch of its new type of sensor. Hamaton technical team had dedicated to developing the sensor project for more than 8 years. On the promise of high quality, the technical had carried out thousands of lab tests and different road testa and data analysis. With the full confident of its new product, Hamaton finally decided to launch its multi-vehicle application sensor in the beginning of this year. And the sensor this time launched officially in the AAPEX is the programmable sensor. Two different type of sensor could meet all of customers demand.
2013 and upcoming 2014 will be a special period for the automobile industry. It is the time that the vehicle which fitted with TPMS sensor for OEM to change their OE sensor, the market demand of aftermarket sensor is larger and larger. The aftermarket sensor is becoming a star product step by step. The popularity of the sensor also can be reflect in Hamaton’s booth, customers from Canada, USA, Mexico, South America and European are all hope to catch the market in the first time, they shared their TPMS market information and shown the interests of Hamaton sensor.
Three short days slipped away quietly. Here in the AAPEX, Hamaton not only get the customers but also the reputation of TPMS sensor in the industry. AAPEX, see you next year.