Multi-vehicle application Sensor

Multi-Vehicle-Application Pro-Sensor  
1.Seven sensors providing brand-to-brand coverage.
2.No programming(pre-programmed)-Install right out of the box,just like an OE sensor.
3.Can be triggered, read and relearned by all major TPMS scan tools,like Bartec,ATEQ,OTC and  Snap-On.
4.Designed and tested to OEM requirements and meet all OEM standards.
5.Dual valve technology - uses snap-in or clamp-in valve depending on your choice, and  patented Hamaton
6.Patented design for the sensor, no conflict with other company's patents
 Sensor No. Mfg. Vehicle Maker
PRO-1001 GM(314.9/315 MHz) Buick,Cadillac,Chevrolet,GMC,Hummer,Isuzu,Pontiac,Saab,Saturn,Suzuki
PRO-1002 Ford/Chrysler(315 MHz) Chrysler,Dodge,Jeep,Ford,Lincoln,Mercury,Mazda,Mitsubishi
PRO-1003 Ford/Chrysler(433 MHz) Chrysler,Dodge,Jeep,Ford,Lincoln,Mercury,Mitsubishi
PRO-1004 Toyota/Nissan(315 MHz) Toyota,Lexus,Scion,Nissan,Infiniti
PRO-1005 Honda(315 MHz) Honda,Acura
PRO-1006 Hyundai/Kia(315 MHz) Hyundai kia

Hamaton Multi-Application Sensor Coverlist-PRO-001.V.01
Hamaton Multi-Application Sensor Coverlist-PRO-002.V.01
Hamaton Multi-Application Sensor Coverlist-PRO-003.V.01
Hamaton Multi-Application Sensor Coverlist-PRO-004.V.01
Hamaton Multi-Application Sensor Coverlist-PRO-005.V.01
 Hamaton Multi-Application Sensor Coverlist-PRO-006.V.01